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Victory White Metal Stained Glass Solder


This is excellent quality solder specifically made for stained glass crafting by Victory White Metal Company. Glass artists use solder to produce continuous seams with copper foil projects and to secure joints between pieces of lead with lead projects. Solder is an alloy of tin and lead. The melting point of solder depends upon the percent of the two metals used. By far the most popular solder used in stained glass is 60/40 solid core solder. Tin melts at 450 degrees F and lead melts at 621 degrees F. When the two are combined however, the melting point can be reduced. The melting point of our 60/40 solder is 375 degrees F. It is understandable that if you are soldering two pieces of lead together whose melting point is 621 degrees F, you will want to use solder with as low a melting point as possible. 60/40 solder also stays in a liquid stage longer than 50/50 solder, giving you more time to produce smooth solder seams. This solder is in 1/8" wire form on a one pound spool.

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